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Exciting News! My new book is now available!

"Not Every IITian is Successful, Not Every Successful Person is an IITian,"

Putting a spotlight on the alarming rise in suicide cases among IIT/JEE aspirants in Kota City, I have uncovered the challenges faced by these ambitious youngsters, the dilemma of parents and reality of the corporate world through an eye-opening journey.


1️⃣ Busting the Myth: Challenge the notion that IIT success guarantees a golden ticket to prosperity, revealing the harsh realities faced by aspirants.

2️⃣ Coping with Pressure: Navigate the intense 3–4-year preparation journey, address the disappointment of not securing the desired branch, and examine the toll it takes.

3️⃣ Unseen Forces: Explore the often-overlooked factors shaping job markets and placements, crucial for students engrossed in exam preparations.

4️⃣ Beyond IIT: Delve into the corporate landscape - is it solely dominated by IITians, or do non-IITian leaders play an equal role in success?

5️⃣ Inner Voice Ignored: Plunge into the psychological aspects of choosing engineering, a branch, and a company, uncovering the consequences of ignoring one's inner voice.

6️⃣ Personal Perspective: Drawing from my own experiences as an IITian, I present a dual narrative, uncovering untold truths and challenges.

Join the Conversation:

Let's engage in a thoughtful dialogue on the intricacies of the IIT dream. I invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and reflections.

Get Your Copy:

Available now on Amazon, Flipkart, Notion Express.

Together, let's unravel the realities, challenges, and triumphs that accompany the pursuit of the IIT dream.

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