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The Biggest Lie told to an IIT Aspirant -

Bas Ek Baar IIT Main Select Ho Jao,
Fir Life Set Hai...

Vineet Khandelwal is an Oil & Gas Expert and Entrepreneur based out of India and is one of India’s upcoming impact makers. He is also a bestselling author and conducts seminars as a life coach, educator and motivator. His aim through his content is to guide people, think contextually and stay relevant in any situation, time, and age.

Content Creator

Oil & Gas Expert

Seasoned Oil & Gas & Project Management Professional (PMP).

Product Developer and Solution Provider.

ESG and Sustainability advocate.



Social Entrepreneur, Accredited Independent Director, and Currently Working on a Social Experiment.

Author & Writer

Author & Writer

Bestselling author and celebrated writer featured in various newspapers and newsletters. Content creator on various platforms.



Guest lecturer and speaker on prestigious institutions and corporates. Loves to mentor young IIT/NEET aspirants. Podcast guest speaker.

Published Book

Not Every IITian is Successful, Not Every Successful Person is an IITian

~Life Before, During, and After IIT~

Myth, Hype, Truth, Reality
about IIT which nobody tells you.


Very relevant thought process and to contemporary issue of career planning by kids at the tender age of 15 years. The person is not only trained but also is formally certified for his competence to take up this assignment.

Akhilesh Pandey


A very clear and honest depiction of the facts, least discussed although many people realise these sometime in their life.
A very good and a must read for ALL.

Karthikeyan Balakrishnan


The undertone of the book consistently focuses on the largely unnoticed suide epidemic prevalent in the noisy town of Kota, it attacks the root cause of the problem through authors own experiences on how "in the end it does not even matter".

Kumar Manoranjan

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